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Don’t Wait to See the World Together

We are teacher travelers who spend breaks and summers learning from the world and letting it teach our son. As much as possible, we travel by public transit and the phrase, “3 Tickets Please” is one spoken often on our travels.

Check out our blog for how we travel as smart as we can, as long as we can, and as authentically as possible. We have traveled together for 20 years and seen 21 countries, and we don’t see ourselves stopping anytime soon.

We are not digital nomads. We save our pennies, plan our breaks and summers and get out there. Just like you. Let our experiences make your family travel more budget friendly and memorable. For more travel trips, sign up HERE for our newsletter.

Our Most Recent Adventures

  • Day Trips from Fort William
    We typically plan our trips so we are only moving every three to five days. So when we…
  • Scotland Without A Car
    As we were planning our 2-week itinerary across Scotland, Wales and Ireland, nearly every post was about driving…
  • Two Days in Bogotá, Colombia
    Getting Around Full disclosure: Bogotá challenged us with its public transit system.  There is an integrated bus system…
  • One Day in Edinburgh
    It only takes one day in Edinburgh, Scotland to fall in love. Our suggestions for how to make the best of your short time in this magical, medieval city. As always, our itineraries are budget- and family-friendly, because that is who we are.
  • Last Night in Cartagena: Take a Sunset Cruise
    Avast, ye mateys. Set sail La Fantastica for a sunset pirate cruise in Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Don’t Miss Cartagena’s 5 Island Tour
    Heading to Cartagena and wanting some island time. Read our honest review of the 5 Island Tour through the Rosario Archipelago.

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