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Family Adventures

We have always chosen “experiences over things.” Skiing, Biking and Paddling are a few of our favorite ways to adventure together as a family. Oh, and did I mention we are a Disney family?

We also specialize in teen travel as we travel the world with our own.

If your family likes to travel like ours, then we have over 16 years of ideas and tips to family adventures.

And since our goals is always to do more together. You will see the same eye to the budget that is present in our overall travel in our activities and adventures.


skiing on a budget is one of our specialities

We can feel the irony. “You said these were budget adventures. Skiing is super expensive.” Yep, we get you. We seek to find affordable skiing across the West. And it does still exist.

Our Posts on Skiing on a Budget:


biking is a great budget adventure and way to see a new city, like here in Rome

We are a one-car family. Matthew’s choice of commuter vehicle is none other than a bike. So we take our biking seriously.

Almost every trip includes some time on two-wheels. We have biked in some pretty unique places and write about it a lot.

If you want to see more of the world on two-wheels, here are some great places to start:


Bridge Crossing On Kayaks

If O is all about the skiing and Matthew the biking, then water is Faith’s second home. Matthew says that kayaking is like biking on the water. And he is probably right. So I guess this activity ticks both of our boxes.

In fact, our most popular post, Kayaking the Wailua River Without a Guide, comes from this section. But our favorite paddling experience, was definitely in Venice.

We even wrote a guide to help you paddle in our hometown of Boise, Idaho. Having lived in Idaho for nearly 20 years, we are definitely experts on all things Boise!

And finally, skip the Gondola and kayak Venice.


Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Before we had O, we definitely believe that we would not be one of those “Disney families.” Fast-forward 16 years and a dozen trips to both Disney World and Disneyland. And we are eating our words.

Our Disney Posts Include:

Teen Travel

As high school and university teachers and parents of a teenager, we definitely spend the majority of our lives with young adults.

We have traveled to over a dozen countries with our own teenagers. Our posts share teen-friendly itineraries and tips: