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About Us

All About 3TicketsPlease

Our name comes from our small family and our commitment to budget travel that prioritizes public transit and experiences.

Any trip with us includes our catchphrase, “3 Tickets Please.”

So Welcome to 3TicketsPlease. We travel to teach us about the world and to bind us to each other.

Small family travel to the Isle of Skye
We are teachers, not digital nomads. As teachers, we are fortunate to have summers and breaks together to travel. But also as teachers, we have to be creative to travel on the cheap so we can travel as long as possible, as often as possible.

Meet 3TicketsPlease

Budget Travel does not mean missing out an essential experiences like making chocolate in Peru
The 3 Are Ready for Class

Faith is the Dreamer, Matthew is the Planner and O is the Inquirer.

Our Story

When Matthew and Faith met in graduate school, they knew that travel had to be at the heart of their relationship. So the two, hopped a very cheap flight to Paris (they were graduate students after all), and fell in love with the city and each other.

Several years later, O joined the family. We did typical American things–bought a house a few bedrooms bigger than we needed, had two cars and worked. Travel was a part of our life, but not at its center.

But then, when O was 3, we lived abroad in Alicante, Spain. Matthew, a university professor, was teaching abroad. And we spent nearly every weekend of our 7 months in Alicante, exploring different parts of Spain. The experience was life changing.

It took us a few years after that, but in 2017 when O was 10, we sold the “big house,” along with 75% of what we owned and seriously downsized to under 1,000 square feet. Being mortgage-free meant we could invest in what we cared about most, our time with each other and our future.

And we have been traveling ever since.

Our Budget Family Travel Philosophy

Our travel philosophy is to “don’t wait to start making memories.” To know about us, is to know we travel by these truths. We:

  • use public transportation as much as possible. Nearly all of our itineraries are based around public transit. Yes, it takes more time to travel this way. But using public transit is not only budget-friendly, it also allows to meet all kinds of people.
  • stay places a minimum of 2 days (but ideally 3-5) to learn more about the culture of that specific place but also to use resources, both our own financial resources and also environmental resources–because city hopping is an environmental strain,
  • and to live abroad like we live at home, which means using vacation rentals whenever possible so we can cook the majority of our meals, which minimizes the financial cost of eating and maximizes the amount of time we can be out. This is HUGE for us. And we are serious about it. During a two-week trip, we might eat out twice. And yes, we know food has big cultural implications. However, the opportunity to shop and cook what locals are bringing into their own home is also a cultural experience.

Need Some Inspiration for Budget, Family Travel

Travel Tips


Adventure Ideas

We love to be active on our adventures so for us that means most trips involve time on bikes, on skis or in a boat. We find that one of the best ways to slow down in any place, especially a city, is to go for a ride.

How Can We Help You Not Wait to Travel?

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can send them to Faith at

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